Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pinch Me.

I loved metalsmithing and considered that a dream job, today I can say I'm lucky enough to have found my other dream job...

Thursday, October 8, 2015


I just picked this up from the finisher, no comment on the price to have this finished. I love it though, and I'm pretty sure the recipient will love it as well, which makes it totally worth it.....

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Spoiled Rotten, and Picky

Yesterday I made tuna and noodles for my chickens. I saw a video earlier this week that showed a bunch of chickens devouring tuna and noodles, so I thought I would treat my flock of cluckers. Unfortunately, my chickens have become so picky and spoiled, they only ate the tuna and left the noodles. Brats.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

It Might Not Look Like it, But We're Calling it Progress

Today we pulled the staples out of the floor that had been holding the carpet pad in place. I also yanked out all the carpet tack. Den removed the carpet and pad from the master bedroom, and painted a window sill that he replaced. Progress is slow, but it's fun to see the changes.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Denny's Lastest Project, And It's A Doozy....

Last Friday, Denny closed on this beaute. It's a dump of a house that sits on 2.5 beautiful acres. Friday, after closing, Dennis began the renovation. It looks as though I won't see him for at least a year. *Sad Face* There is so much that needs to be done, most of which invloves clearing the overgrown trees and bushes. We won't talk about the hum-dinger big stuff, I'll save that for another time. For now I'll let you take a glimpse inside this diamond in the rough.

Apparently, we've had visitors, and they weren't very tidy. 
A dog/deer encounter. I didn't go well. 
Check out the odd, gooseneck-y, doodle-bob that is projecting from  the fireplace, we think it's  a rather primitive, and dinosaur like blower. Just one of the many "features" this little charmer has. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Day of Painting

The renovation on Dennis's duplex is almost complete; the next phase is renting it. I was in charge of making a sign for the front yard, so here it is. It doesn't look like I'll be changing career paths. Since I was in painting mode, I decided to make myself a needlepoint, scissor case canvas. Again, I won't be changing career paths based on these efforts. I did have fun though. Needlepoint is so expensive, and not just the canvases, but the finishing work is outrageous. I should put my sewing skills to use and become a finisher, I could probably make a decent living! Yesterday, I took a scissor case to my local needlepoint store (it only took me 6+ years to complete it) for finishing. I told the lady it was a Christmas present, unfortunately, the deadline for submitting projects for Christmas completion ended on the 21st of August. Really? It's that busy of a business? I'm definitely in the wrong line of work. And the cost? I won't even mention that part.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Last Day

Leaving Clitherall is never something I look forward to. I will miss the easy going pace of this sleepy spot. 
Our trip finale was Yoga on the Beach on lake Ottertail. It was fantastic, maybe the best yoga session I've ever been to. 

Tomorrow is the journey home, with a quick stop in Brookings to see Alex Wade. I'm excited to see him, and I think Carol is happy I'm going as well. 
Here are a few pictures of today's adventures. 

Fuzzy "hotdog on a stick."

Last visit to the stream. 

Twiggy little lake creature. 

I love this little sailboat. I'm so glad it is still on the lake. 

Yoga on the beach. 

Adios, favorite vacation spot. Maybe I'll be back....

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day-Dreamy Day

Today's canoe adventure took us directly opposite of Old Town. Gina and I spotted a few interesting houses from the dock yesterday, so we made a point to check them out today. As we approached the bigger house, the owner lady was near the lake, cleaning off her dock. We told her we had seen her house from a distance, and we hoped she didn't mind our nosiness. It was a gorgeous house, a bit big for me, but very fitting for the area and surroundings. She told us she feels like Cinderella every day. Sweet...

We then headed to a shallow area of the lake that extends quite a ways toward the middle of the lake; it's  marked with buoys for the boats. It was a lot less shallow than last year. For whatever reason I've always wanted to stand out there, so I did. Last year I could have easily walked to the middle of the lake, not the case this year. Although it is clearly shallow, it is also evident that there is a very sharp drop off on either side. It's barely a sliver of a visible surface. 

Buoy hugger, and weird face maker!

Still life - watermelon juice and dried mandarins on rock. Take that all you fancy-pants, famous still life artists!

Our goose from yesterday. Her flock is gone; so sad. All she has now are the plastic swans atop the platform. 

This tree tipped over, exposing the roots; I thought it was kind of interesting. 

We went to Grannies Pantry, or as I call it, Grannies Panties, for some crappy candy. I love jelly candies. 

My new favorite piece of furniture. I'd love to sneak it home! Although  It would be terribly hard to knit in it, as it's an instant sleep aid.