Thursday, August 27, 2015

Last Day

Leaving Clitherall is never something I look forward to. I will miss the easy going pace of this sleepy spot. 
Our trip finale was Yoga on the Beach on lake Ottertail. It was fantastic, maybe the best yoga session I've ever been to. 

Tomorrow is the journey home, with a quick stop in Brookings to see Alex Wade. I'm excited to see him, and I think Carol is happy I'm going as well. 
Here are a few pictures of today's adventures. 

Fuzzy "hotdog on a stick."

Last visit to the stream. 

Twiggy little lake creature. 

I love this little sailboat. I'm so glad it is still on the lake. 

Yoga on the beach. 

Adios, favorite vacation spot. Maybe I'll be back....

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day-Dreamy Day

Today's canoe adventure took us directly opposite of Old Town. Gina and I spotted a few interesting houses from the dock yesterday, so we made a point to check them out today. As we approached the bigger house, the owner lady was near the lake, cleaning off her dock. We told her we had seen her house from a distance, and we hoped she didn't mind our nosiness. It was a gorgeous house, a bit big for me, but very fitting for the area and surroundings. She told us she feels like Cinderella every day. Sweet...

We then headed to a shallow area of the lake that extends quite a ways toward the middle of the lake; it's  marked with buoys for the boats. It was a lot less shallow than last year. For whatever reason I've always wanted to stand out there, so I did. Last year I could have easily walked to the middle of the lake, not the case this year. Although it is clearly shallow, it is also evident that there is a very sharp drop off on either side. It's barely a sliver of a visible surface. 

Buoy hugger, and weird face maker!

Still life - watermelon juice and dried mandarins on rock. Take that all you fancy-pants, famous still life artists!

Our goose from yesterday. Her flock is gone; so sad. All she has now are the plastic swans atop the platform. 

This tree tipped over, exposing the roots; I thought it was kind of interesting. 

We went to Grannies Pantry, or as I call it, Grannies Panties, for some crappy candy. I love jelly candies. 

My new favorite piece of furniture. I'd love to sneak it home! Although  It would be terribly hard to knit in it, as it's an instant sleep aid. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Today's Adventure

God, this is the second attempt at this post. Apparently, blogger is in crash mode. 
Here is today's adventure in pictures and brief captions. 
I love this spot with its colorful buntings. 
We spotted this Canadian goose along the shoreline. Unfortunately, she's  almost to the end of her sweet life. It was such a sad sight. 

I love this sagging, old, structure. The detail in the workmanship is still obvious, although it is rapidly succumbing to time and the elements. 

Destination knitting. Total geekery!

Only the shadow knows....
Restored, vintage, Chris Craft boat. The cutest thing on the lake today. 
That face. 

And that face!

And I can't forget to include that baby face!

Our unexpected pup rescue mission that took us to Fergus Falls and back. I thought for a split second I was going home with a dog, but this pup is safe and sound in her own home tonight. 

Not exactly the charmer that the vintage Chris Craft is, but it's  charming in an old Town Resort sorta way....

Monday, August 24, 2015

Canoeing on the Lake

Welp, the wind was not our friend today, but we didn't let it stop us. We took off around 10:30 to our favorite spot on the lake-the stream that connects Clitherall to Battle Lake. It took an hour and a half, to two hours to reach that area. Thanks to a sweet tailwind, returning to the camp took mere minutes. I'm sure, at times, we looked like a couple of bozos out there. A few times the wind gusted so strongly that it quickly pushed us way out, toward the middle of the lake. We spun in circles and feverishly paddled backwards a few times before we righted ourselves and were able to paddle to calmer waters. Geeks, both of us. 

After our canoeing madness we decided to go in to Battle Lake for a few things we forgot to haul up here. I forgot to bring a comb of all things. I hate to admit it, but I hadn't taken my hair down or combed it since Saturday. Hee! Needless to say, purchasing a comb was top priority. 

I love poking around Battle, things change from year to year in that town, so it's fun to explore all the new shops. Our favorite place was a funky antique store on the edge of town. I was in cupola heaven!!

I included a picture of 2 bees that I scooped up out of the water.  I spotted  3 or 4 bees drowning. I did my best to try and save all of them, but I could only reach these 2. I placed both of them on a boat dock, and both revived perfectly. My good deed of the day...

My little siesta in the sun....

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Never Want to Leave

I'm back in Minnesota with my pal, Gina. It's such a long journey getting here, but so worth the time and effort it takes. Because the local grocery store is so outrageously expensive, we schlep our own food and do our own cooking. This year we went a wee bit crazy with the food, as you can tell. 

I was crushed to discover my dream cabin has been sold. The positive take-away is that it looks like it is going to be preserved, and will probably remain in its perfect spot. In another life it will be mine. 
This I'm certain of. *sniff*

The weather here is horrendous. It's cloudy, chilly, and the wind is literally howling. Thank god I always pack a few warm things! There is supposed to be great improvement weather wise over the next few days. Fingers crossed, as our canoe awaits!!

The farmer up the road has added to his herd of Scottish Highland cattle. He now has 2, sweet and sassy donkeys! They could not be any cuter! I'm rather thankful that I live in a city that allows chickens, but prohibits any other farm animals. I could easily have a menagerie!

On our wanders around the camp vicinity I found this skull. I think it is a dog, but what do I know? I guess it could be a badger. I found this in an area that I had never before explored. I didn't  linger after discovering the skull, as I heard a very sinister growl/hacking noise coming from the woods just beyond where I found the skull. It was definitely weird. Maybe tomorrow I'll investigate that noise a little more. Then again, some things are better left a mystery. 

I love this dreamy little cabin. It's  amazing to think that this little charmer has stood in this spot overlooking the lake since  the 1800s. It is a tough little house to survive the brutal Minnesota winters for so long. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Versio in Habu

So this is my latest knitting project. I'm using Habu's cotton Paper, I think it's called Cotton Gima. It's a really interesting texture and knits up fairly easily, unlike the silk wrapped steel by Habu that I used for my Seatangles top. Yeeesh, I still shiver when I think of that yarn. I hope I finish this in time to wear while the weather is still warm. 
For someone who doesn't care for stripes, this my 2nd stripy project in a row. What up wit that? 

Mini Renovation

What started out as painting a couple of rooms, has turned into a full-blown renovation. Denny's tenants moved out of the lower half of his 52nd street duplex about a month ago. Since then he has been a man possessed. I have painted closets, cleaned the vintage light fixtures, and assisted in the usual "gopher" tasks. Hooray me!  It seems like we will never finish. This week the new countertops, sink, and dishwasher should be completely installed-fingers crossed on that.  Lots of little details, but we're gettin' there.