Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Atlanta!

Christmas was super fun this year. Not like years past, where I was here and working non-stop. Not having a job has it's benefits, although this is the only one I can come up with. Dennis, Ailish and I drove to Atlanta. Not fun. Next year, two words.....Air Tran. It seems that we hit (both going and returning) the crappiest weather in the country. Returning yesterday was the worst. Dennis had to pull off the road as the snow was coming down so fast neither he, nor I could see the road. We pulled off in an abandoned gas station. We waited and waited for a plow, eventually one did come, but that still didn't make for a great driving experience. It was without a doubt the suckiest 17 hours in a car that I can remember (even counting trips with Ed!).
I'm sort of glad to be back, I think I'd rather be where the weather isn't so sucky and cold....
Go to go, I'm reasearching warm climates!!!

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