Monday, April 19, 2010

Paper Mache

I made a few paper mache birds for a display this weekend.  Saturday is the Louisville Spring show in Louisville NE.  Since I've made so many sterling bird charms, I thought it would appropriate to continue the theme.  There was one small issue with the spray glue and glitter on Friday!  It seems every time glue is involved with any project I do, it always ends in disaster, Friday was no exception.  I guess I thought the spray glue was water soluble, so I sprayed all the bird sculptures while holding them in my hands, but I also held them in my hands while sprinkling the glitter.  Are you getting a visual?  It also seems that spray glue gets gummier, and more difficult to remove when you use water to try and remove it!  Who knew?  In the end, after using nail polish remover, acetone, soap and water, a peeling technique, the best remover was kosher salt and baking soda.  Of course that method wasn't without problems either.  I had to rub really hard with the scrub, which left my hands beet red and raw....  No more spray glue for a while....

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