Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This Beautiful Dog......

....is looking for a good home!  If you can help, leave your info in the comment section....

Name is Apollo, Im a 9 year old German Shepherd was born March 23, 2001.
Gets along well with kids and adults, but is very territorial when it comes to other animals and with my owners.. Does great with groomers and vets office.
Like to take walks, car rides, play with his basketball. Scared of storms. Listens very well when called. Housebroken, very smart know how to shake, fetch, sit, down.
Prefers can dog food over hard dog food but will eat hard dog food out of his kong. which will come with him along with his favorite dog dish. Has a dot dot toy he loves (which will send them too)hold it in his mouth and falls asleep. Loves attention, affection, likes to interact with people.

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful boy! I will keep my ears open for a possible forever home.

    And since it is Wishcasting Wednesday, I will wish for Apollo to find his loving family and home for him and his Dot Dot :)

    Aren't dogs the greatest? Moose loves his stuffed rabbit "baby."

    And thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. Now you know about my Ewan fixation ;)