Friday, July 9, 2010

A Little Too Much Macro.....

Wow!  With the super macro lens, I think I need to either polish better, or take more strategic pictures!  Every teeny weeny scratch seems to be magnified with this lens.

I finally received the replacement stone for my Veracite. I think I almost like the color of this Turquoise better!  The rock cutter  managed to salvage a larger, broken piece of  the Veracite, and made me a smaller, pear shaped stone.  I'm eager to make that smaller Veracite piece into something cool.

* After several upload attempts, it seems that Blogger, and this new mystery format, will not upload the pictures using my new macro lens.  Once again .... Blogger blows.  These pictures were taken using my old camera ( at least you can't see the teeny scratches!)

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