Monday, July 5, 2010


I thought this would be an appropriate 4th of July story....

Sen came to the US 11 years ago.  After he fled Vietnam by boat, he landed in Malaysia, and remained there for 6 long years-the whole time in a refugee camp.  Before leaving his native Vietnam, he worked for government officials, doing accounting, and a lot of paper shuffling.  If you think politics here is corrupt, it's by far worse there.  Most of the public officials got their positions after the war.  They were given high powered jobs if they fought well, or bravely during battles.  Most of those officials can't even write their own names.....  People like Sen, who were educated, were left homeless after the war. Tired of the struggle to eat/survive, Sen had one come to the US.  Eleven years later, he has 2 successful tailoring businesses and is, "living his dream..."

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