Saturday, August 7, 2010


Whew!  I spent the last 8 days in Atlanta, and man was is sooooper sweltering.  Their summers are as hot as ours, maybe a wee bit more humid, but overall, it's the same. 

My trip to Atlanta was not without purpose.  My brother had a heart attack and quadruple by-pass surgery.  I went down to help out a little.  As I told him, it was like Driving Miss Daisy.  I took him to a Dr.'s appt., to get a haircut and to visit his office and to hang out.  We had time to discover some pretty funny entertainment on TV, and I spent a few challenging days trying to cook low salt, low fat and low carb meals.  I might also add I didn't do any baking.  Horrible. 

My brother & Kian
Just 3 weeks after surgery.
I've decided it's time to say adios to Omaha.  I'm going to get serious about moving.......

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