Monday, August 30, 2010


This is the guy that wet his pants.  It was CLEARLY not a spilled drink kind of wet spot either.  I tried my best to get a front pic, but he was moving too fast and the pic turned out blurry....whadda weirdo.
Last night was the Ray LaMontagne - David Gray concert at Stir in CB.  Great music, perfect weather and guy seated next to us who wet his pants....what could be better?  Duded needed to cut back on the beers and leave a little sooner for the bathroom.  Not to mention he was there with a girl!  I'd like to take a survey, has anyone ever wet their pants on a date? 

A must have Facebook pose.  What does that mean anyway?  Is it like playing air guitar?  Air cigarette?

I made Den do it as well!  Tee!

David Gray.  I've never seen a real,live bobblehead!  I suspect he'll need a spinal fusion in a few years....
This was Den's first REAL concert.  Sure he's been to those oh so civilized concerts at swanky, posh places like the Orpheum,  but never to a rock concert.  Hard to believe.  The music was really good, Ray by far was better than David.  The people watching was fantastic as well.  Everybody wants their 5 minutes of fame, brother....

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