Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Couple New Pieces.....

I've had some pretty successful castings, here are a few pictures of 2 new items to add to the collection.  One is an Irish harp, the other a tea cup.  The tea cup is part of the Alice in Wonderland series.  My master plan is to carve a top hat, tea pot & a few other things for the series.   I personally can't stand the story, I'm certain the writer was smoking crack or was on some sort of hallucinogenic when he wrote that story.  I think it was creepy and weird, but then I never saw Stars Wars either, as  I thought that entire concept was a little odd.  And frankly, most people who were into that sort of thing were dorky odd balls to boot.  Anywho, I'll consult my sister who apparently loves A in W as to what else I should carve....  Sorry Ang, I guess I've "tagged" you as an odd ball.......

I think the strings on the harp are a little off-ish, but I referred to several pics online and all were different.  With the next casting batch, I may change the string pegs on the back.  Not that I think it will make great music or anything!

Dennis also made a little discovery this rings are being used in an ad for the Dundee Gallery!  Exciting stuff.  The ad is featured in Her magazine.  I made the big time.....har!

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