Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back In Blogger Biz.....

After submitting countless questions to the Blogger & Picasa forum, I've finally resolved the Blogger mess.  I might just add that I received no help, and no responses from Blogger.  Blogger is one fat, crappy, turd.  I may give up on it and import to Wordpress or something a little more sophisticated and user friendly. Bleh, Blogger, you suck.....

Anyway, I took about 80 pictures this weekend, so here are a few from our Labor Day party here...  Jennifer (as usual) made some pretty extraordinary dishes.  Meatballs, brownies and 2 flavors of ice cream..... Christi made the most fantastic Key Lime Tart, Lori brought an incredible salad with fixin's from the farmer's market, Maria made her now famous salad and dressing, Dennis made a tepanade and I made cheesy breadsticks and party favors...  I can't say enough about everyone  that showed up....they are all so great, fun-loving and entertaining (Maria!)....  What could be better than celebrating the end of summer with good friends?
Maria, Mary Jo & Paula


Lori & John


Maria (tee hee)!  Snicker, snicker!

 D & K


Jimmy and Dennis

Jennifer & Maria




Leslie Iwai


Mary Jo, Kathy & Joan

Mary Jo & Joan

Maria & Leslie

Jean, Leslie & Maria

Sandy, Paula & Jean

Lori, Sandy, Paula & Jean


Maria (you flirt) and TG

The TG wave

Lori, Sandy & Paula

Chick magnet

Chick magnet again

Jen, Maria, Chick magnet & Leslie

Chick Magnet, Chris & Leslie

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