Sunday, April 17, 2011


We took a short trip to Kansas this weekend.  I was on gallery seeking mission, a trip to see the Diana Dresses exhibit, and we also wanted to visit Dennis' sister and her husband.  It was a jam packed weekend.

On Friday we went to the Union Station Museum and saw the Diana Dresses.  It was a very interesting exhibit.  The exhibit had tons of things besides the dress on display.  There were many childhood toys and videos, journals and letters that see kept, and even a very formal and rather stuffy Christmas card that Charles wrote to her before they were married.  After reading it, I wondered why the heck she would marry such a doofy dork?  No amount of money, or position could have swayed me, but to each his own.  Must have been bowled over by the business of being a prince....  The highlight was Diana's wedding dress.  It was pretty detailed up close.  I remember watching the wedding on TV, but to see the dress and shoes up close was obviously much more impressive. All the hand sewn beading and hand made lace was really spectacular, as were her shoes, which had a hand painted, gold motif on the soles.  I really appreciated the workmanship. I wasn't able to take pictures as it wasn't allowed - darn.

Saturday we spent searching for a gallery, which was successful!  I found a gallery in KC and one in Lawrence.  I'm most excited about the gallery in Lawrence.  It was a small, but really awesome shop.  The gallery wasn't overly full, but what was there was pretty incredible.  One of the coolest things in the gallery were silk scarves that had felted, wool leaves meshed into the silk fabric.  There was also a big, colorful, silk and wool felted flower pinned to each scarf.  They were so beautiful.  I would have loved one. 

The other gallery was complete different, but the owner was very eager to have my work.  Yippee!  I think I'll be ordering metal this week....

On a sad note:  I made a very exciting trip to the Yarn Barn of KC.  However, I just wasn't as impressed by it as I had been in previous years.  The yarns were just ho-hum.  I remember being able to find funky yarns made from buffalo, or nubby silk tussah yarns.  I didn't find anything like that with this trip.. Pooh.  I saved some money at least.

Saturday evening we ate with Mauri and Jeff at a brew pub in Lawrence.  Saturday evening we ate Dilly Bars and watched Hoarders....

Sunday before we left we poked around Mauri and Jeff's acreage.  The birds and catfish in the pond were the highlight, as was Ellie Mae! 

On the way out of town we drove by Leavenworth prison.  Creepy and ominous.

It was a great weekend.

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