Sunday, July 3, 2011

Festive Party Favors....

I was super excited to make the cookies on the cover of the July issue of Martha Stewart.  Soooo, I busted out a batch of her very tasty sugar cookies, then set out to make the royal icing.  First of all the royal icing took about an hour to make.  Her instructions read that the consistency should be that of glue.  When I initially mixed the batch it was too thick, so I added water to thin it down.  Well, I kept adding water, and kept adding water, until I had a glue like thickness.  Dandy.  I pre-mixed the icing, so that I could frost the cookies the following day, so yesterday when I went to mix the coloring in and to frost the cookies, the icing was so thin and watery, it turned the cookies to mush.  I decided to scrap the royal icing and switched to one that was tastier and easier to make.  They just don't look as pretty.  Boo.

I decided that the first 12 people to show up to the party would get a festive, holiday bandana with a package of cookies inside!  The bummer is that the bandanas have, "Made in China" printed in big letters across the edge of the fabric.  Oops.  That was a huge 4th of July bummer discovery!  At least the cookies were made in the USA! Happy 4th of July!

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