Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Marathon of Sorts!

I spent all day yesterday making things for my Etsy "showcase" tomorrow.  I always hope to get more done, but I'm just glad and pleased with what I did finish.  I love the funky stacking rings!  The little dotty patterning reminds me of a cog wheel.  Of course I adore the Chrysoprase ring - what's not to love about green and glowy and a funky shield shape?  I have a little summer sale going on in my Etsy store.  The coupon code is "summersavings".  Just type it in at checkout and voila!  You can save a gob and have cool stuff to boot!

Apparently Blogger is once again in "temperamental mode".  Blogger should be renamed  Booger.  I guess you'll have to view the other new pics on the not-so-temperamental Etsy site.   

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