Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lauritzen Gardens

A little flutterby....
Big Loco, little loco. Thanks, Den, for not wearing your slippers on this outing! XO
Jun Kaneko
It ain't easy bein' green.
Hat circa 1993. Yeah, I'm hip.

Hello me.
Sassy sugar pants, cupscake, cheese-mo, farty pants.  I wear a lot of "pants" and a bad hat.
Our big vacation this year was a trip to Lauritzen Gardens ( a whopping 8 miles from home).  I'm a little embarrassed to say that I've never been to the actual gardens, only to an art opening in the main building.  The gardens are celebrating their 10 year anniversary.  I'm sorry I waited so long to go.....  I think our next vacation hot spot may be the zoo.....

I took about 200 pictures, today.  I'd like to post more, so that I could completely bore you to tears, but as usual, Blogger is being absolutely  dick-ish.  I really need to move my blog to a more friendly environment.  

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