Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Peek

Okay, blogoshere, here is a peek into the past few weeks. Try not to be blown away by my exciting life, trust me you might be "wowed", then again, maybe not. First of all, the Christmas break was all too short and taken up by way too much work. So it goes. NYE was as it has been for the past 3 years, uneventful. Dennis wanted (seriously) to watch the weather channel. Great, just what a girl wants to do on NYE, know the weather conditions for all 50 effing states. After I my look of disgust, Den saw it my way, so we sat on our asses, tuned in to watched the propped up, over spray-tanned, barely understandable Dick Clark ring in the new year.Whoopee! That whole scenario makes me squirm uncomfortably. Pass the baton already Dick. Since the countdown was so dull, we made our own fun. Den got out his doo-rag and I the plastic boobs. Way more entertaining the Dick Clark and the gang, and really, when will Justin Bieber go away? Twerp.
I finished my Peerie Flooers mittens this morning, a fabulous way to start the new year. Instead of kissing Dennis, I kissed my mittens. Sick, I know, but they are so dang cute. Try not to stare too long a my hair in the picture, I just had gotten off the treadmill when Den took this. Cute huh? I had a new year's resolution thought; to run less, eat more junk
and eff it all, but dang, I just hate the thought of being a doughy blob, besides, aren't resolutions supposed to be positve? I joined a KAL, which started today. I'm making mittens (shocker), you think I'd be sick of them, but I'm not. After the KAL it's a fairisle sweater, already decided, now to find a pattern....

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