Saturday, November 24, 2012

Monogram Soocks

This is my second pair of socks using Swans Island fingering weight-I still love it. I think it is probably the softest wool in the yarn world. The pattern however, is another story. I purchased this pattern several weeks ago. I loved the idea of monogrammed socks, and making a special gift even more personal. All was fine for the cast-on and ribbing. Kind of hard to screw that up. The problems started with the monogram block and everything thereafter. After agonizing and experimenting I finally emailed the pattern writer. I admit I'm in a bit of a hurry as these are a Christmas gift, but after two weeks of waiting for a reply I had to seek help elsewhere. I sent an email to another girl who had knitted the same pattern hoping she could help me solve a few issues. Her reply informed me that the pattern was riddled with problems that weren't worth trying to sort out, so in the end she used her favorite sock pattern, and simply incorporated the monogram. I was bummed. Although I hadn't paid a lot for the pattern I paid enough to deserve a little pattern help. I give this pattern two thumbs down. I think it's time I give pattern writing a shot....
With a little personal creativity and scavenging pattern parts from other sock patterns, I'd say these are turning out to be pretty darn cute!

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