Thursday, March 7, 2013

Linen Cardigan and My Valentine's Present

I started the Yellow Wall Cardigan the other day. I was drawn to the easy, wearable style of it, so I thought linen yarn would be the perfect pairing for this pattern. I've knitted with linen before, but I forgot how difficult it can be. It's a springy fiber that doesn't have much *grip*? Anyway, it's tricky to work with and is definitely making this a very slow project. However, I do love the silvery color of this Habu linen.

Oh, and in the background is my Valentine's gift! A new subscription to Rowan! There are a few cute patterns, but my favorite thing about Rowan is the way they photograph and put together their publications. I enjoy the articles and variety of pattern styles. There is something for everyone in Rowan.....

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  1. What a great knitter and fun blog ! I would have never found you here if you hadn't left a comment on my blog. Thanks ! Nice to meet you.