Monday, April 22, 2013

Quickie Gloves for Dad.....

.... Are done! It kinda made up my own pattern. These are a mish-mash of various things. I love the corrugated ribbing used in the Peerie Floores mittens, so that was incorporated into the pattern, and the rest was just by the seat of my pants. I used Quince & Co yarn, which was such a treat, and a welcome break from my linen project.


  1. Most excellent 'dad' gloves ! Oh hey, these are gooood ! How about writing us a pattern? :)

  2. Hey Jen, Sorry for the slow response. I would love to write a pattern but right now my life is a little busy. Not fun busy either. Boo hoo! I think I'm just grateful for a little knitting time in between the insanity!

    In response to my pup. She's the best. She is the most entertaining little personality and we love her...