Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Crazy Night

Last night we had an attempted intrusion. No joke. At 2 a.m. I heard our screen door open and our door handle click. At first I thought it was Dennis, but he was dead to the world, oblivious to everything, and none of the dogs barked, so I thought I was dreaming. I got up anyway to check. I peeked around the corner to check the door and I heard the screen open again and the handle click again, this time the guy pounded on the door. I ran to the door and crouched below the door window to try and peek out, but I couldn't see anyone. Then he tried to get in a third time. This time I ran to get Dennis. Dennis yelled at the guy to leave, but the guy wouldn't go. The guy then proceeded to take a seat at our patio table and put his feet up. While Dennis ran to get a weapon, *ahem* a muffler I called the police. The police came, arrested the guy and took him to the slammer. I yelled a few colorful parting words as they led him away in cuffs. Buh bye, loser.... Intruder dude showed up this morning to pick up his car. I hope he was sober enough to drive this time. The moon was full last night, I think that explains it. The best, and most humorous part was seeing Dennis carry the muffler upstairs on his shoulder. He looked like he was headed to a parade in his underwear
. He's officially been named, The Meineke Man. Thanks Tim, that's the perfect name!

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  1. Kieran , this post to me would be a very frightful event, and I'm really admiring your ability to post it and have a bit of humor. Maybe a photo of Dennis in his underwear would have just been the coup de grace ;)

    Speaking of Gracie, I hope she is doing a little better than I hear last. xx