Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Doggies and Handspun....

Pictured below is my first plied handspun yarn. It's okay, very first project like. I love the colors but with only 131 yards I'll have to supplement. I'm not certain what the technique for plying is, i certainly didn't "nail it." I watched a plying video some time ago, and instead of watching the video again I relied on my memory. First mistake. I struggled to evenly twist the two singles. Either way I had fun and can't wait to get some new wool.   I'm not sure what I'll make with it but be sure I'll be surfing Ravelry for just the right pattern.I did decide that I'll probably never spin enough yarn for a sweater, it takes forever! 

In other news: Henry got a haircut along with a generous dousing of doggie aftershave. 😜 I won't complain about the Aqua Velva like fragrance because
it sure beats the poopy smell we've been living with the past few weeks. Henry has been battling an eye problem for the past 2 1/2 months. We finally got the "all clear" for grooming today. I was a little embarrassed by the chunks of dried poop on his back. It seems Henny likes rolling in stink. 
And just for fun I threw in a picture of Cha-cha. 

Oh yeah, I have a zippy new app called "over", hence the fancy text within the photos!

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  1. Kieran, that yarn looks lovely, lovely, lovely ! More even... why? I mean , it's handspun, and to knit uneven is what we try for when we finally become too good. Your pups are adorable. :) xx