Sunday, September 29, 2013

Steek Swatch

I've been wanting to knit a Fair Isle cardigan since spying the Rowan Izmir wrap cardigan in the latest Fall/Winter Rowan book. Much to my horror (after ordering 15 balls of Rowan yarn, cha-Ching) I discovered I could absolutely not strand yarn on the purl side. It occurred to me that the only Fair Isle I've ever done was in the round. I Googled video,after video of various techniques, none worked or felt right. And because of the construction of this cardigan I didn't think it could be steeked, or if it could, it was probably be beyond my capability. So I scrapped the project. But that peeked my curiosity into steeking. Here is my first steek swatch following the step by step tutorial by Kate Davies. I found a vintage 1940's pattern to test Fair Isle and steeking skills. The pattern is Bestway #1491. I found another fantastic information source here on steeking this particular sweater. Her blog is pretty fascinating and not from just a knitting perspective! Check it out. 

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