Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hoot! Hoot!

I'm trying desperately to make a few Christmas gifts, unfortunately that is going slower than I hoped. Here is one little fingerless mitt. The little owl is done using duplicate stitch, which is slower than if I would have stranded it. Live and learn. I was so confident that I would be busting these mitts out like a machine I bought enough yarn to make all 5 styles, 13 balls of yarn. Ahem. I bought Knit Picks Palette, so the pain of that purchase isn't so bad. I have a few other things in the Christmas queue but completion of those is looking bleak. Oh, to have more time…. My last day of Biology was Monday. I finished with an A. Photosynthesis, stick it where the sun don't shine…. Next quarter is psychology and a digital media class. I swore, swore, swore, I would NOT take an art class. At least this is a computer based graphics program. I can justify that. I'm looking forward to these classes for the first time since starting school. I bet that joy won't last long…. Today I ran around catching up on errands. I'm running x-country this weekend in Des Moines, and the temps are going to be in the single digits. Yay me. 

So, I spent the day running around looking for cold weather running gear. While I was in the parking lot of my first stop I heard a horrible howling noise. At first I couldn't see where the sound was coming from, but then out of the corner of my eye I see a little dog stagger to a grassy patch alongside Cass St. (which is a 4 lane road with non-stop traffic). She had been hit by a truck, a big truck. I was the second person to run over to the little pup. She was unable to walk and had a scrape to her head. She was with another dog who managed to miss all the cars, but he took off running after he saw his pal get hit. After numerous calls to the humane society from a variety of people on scene, I happened to see and engraved name and number on her collar. I called the owners who were already out driving around looking for her. They were within 2 blocks of the accident. They quickly scooped her up and took off after the other dog. About 30 minutes later I received a call from the guy thanking me for helping their dog. She was at the vet getting x-rays to determine her injuries. I hope the little pup will be okay…. Total bummer of a day…. Here are a few random pics. I decided to forego a costume for the run on Saturday, I'm opting for aerodynamic and warm...

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