Thursday, June 19, 2014

Flowers and Latest Project

First of all… I started the Izmir sweater that I purchased yarn for well over a year ago. So far that has me stumped. I'm having trouble with reading the chart and putting all the information together so that I can steek it. I've sent out several Sos's, but so far I haven't gotten a response that answers my three questions, which are: Am I reading the chart correctly for my size, will there be a interruption in the pattern on the adjoining side seams, and do I read the chart entirely from right to left since I am working in the round? Crickets. I can't seem to find any article online or any Raveler that can answer my questions. Why are Rowan charts and instructions so tricky? Get with the program, Rowan, it doesn't have to be so complicated… So…in the mean time, while I ponder the Rowan sweater, I started the Starry Starry Night sock pattern. One word, cute! I ordered ombre yarn from Knit Circus in their wool/silk blend. It's dreamy. I may have to make another pair of these. This pair is going to Gina, who was the recipient of a pair of socks I made two years ago. Sadly, and happily she has worn them out. Too much love isn't a bad thing. And lastly, a few pictures of blooms in the garden…

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