Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Few Finished Projects to Report

I'm off to a bit of a late start with my Christmas production, but I do have a couple completed things under my belt,and one under construction. Prepared to be wowed!
The little beige pair is by Churchmouse yarns, Turkish Bed Socks pattern. I knitted these with some of my beloved cashmere stash. I have enough stash to make several more pairs. Whup! Whup! The star slipper pattern was given to me by an Instagram friend. I love these things! They are simple, warm, and cute. I made those using leftovers and stash. The Ivory color is Elsbeth Lavold yarn, its a camel/wool combo--nice stuff, and the blue is Quince <3 Do you know how hard it is to hold your feet together in the air while photographing? Whew, getting old and crusty isn't fun... I could use a little yoga in my life. The turquoise project is the Cafe Au Lait pattern for fingerless mitts. I just started, so I'm not sure what I think of these. I'm typically not a fan of lace knitting, but this pattern is fairly simple, hard to screw it up. I'm using angora wool for these, mainly because I loved the color. I thought for sure all the angora fur would go right up my nose and drive me nuts, but no, it's awesome stuff!! This weekend I will be making my annual trek to DesMoines for the Living History Farms race. My compadre, TG, will be accompanying me. This could be my farewell tour.... The subzero temps last year almost killed me, I'm hoping for a wee bit of a reprieve this weekend. The forecast shows a slight (very slight) improvement in temps, let's hope that holds. Ok, back to studying...... School update: Degree change (this makes my 4th). This week I will be pursuing a degree as a paralegal. Boring. And now that the world of blogging knows that piece of information I must now return to reading.... .

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