Sunday, December 7, 2014


A few pictures to keep you apprised of my knitting and general geekiness. First, I received the new Kate Davies book all about Yoke knitting, no, not how to cook eggs kind of yolk, but knitting yokes.. On the same day (it was a big day) I received a package from Churchmouse Yarns containing yarn for Denny's new wooly hat. Let's hope I get it done in time for Christmas... Then I stayed up last night and finished these sweet slippers. I've already busted some stash for another pair. I'm setting lofty goals, lets hope I can get 'er done. I love the pouty bow. A few weeks ago I finished these Nordic Star slippers. Wow, were those an ever popular Instgram item! I'll probably be making those again as well. Then, in between slippers I made these angora fingerless mittens - *yawn*. I'm not sure why, but those were so boring to knit. I loved the yarn, it's super dreamy, but the rest, meh. I made my mom a cowl. Not for Christmas, just because. It turned out pretty snazzy, in my humble opinion. I used a bunch of Rowan Fine Tweed that I had bits and pieces of. Worked up nicely. Oh, and last week I picked up a "mushroom." Not just any ol' mushroom, but a KOMBUCHA mushroom!! If you don't know what Kombucha is, I'm sorry. Go directly to Whole Foods and pick up a bottle in the refrigeration dept. STAT! It's fab stuff. Kombucha is a fermented tea drink, and that's all I know other than it's freaking incredible. I got my mushroom, or live culture, or whatever you want to call it from a friend. She also gave me details how to, well, grow it? Anyway, the picture I've posted is not that of a placenta, but of the actual mushroom or live culture. Dennis thinks I'm completely nuts, and will probably have his fingers poised to dial 911 upon first sip. Scaredy cat. Somewhere in between all the above knitting etc., we had Thanksgiving. I made a German Chocolate cake and 6 (yes, I got a little overzealous with the bread starter and ended up with A LOT of bread) loaves of cheese bread. And lastly, I won the metro photo competition for my submission of Native American costuming and beadwork. I was pretty chuffed with myself, and I have a little extra pocket money for Christmas!
Back to studying... Side note: For whatever reason I can't create paragraphs. I can when I use my app, but not when I use my laptop. What???

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