Sunday, January 11, 2015

This Past Week

I am recovering nicely from a simple outpatient procedure I had on Thursday. My two days off of work was pure bliss, and while I should have been doing nothing but relaxing, I couldn't quite help myself. I did some baking, cooking, and of course a little knitting. On Friday I received a new pair of clogs in the mail. After a dozen years of wear, my old ones blew apart. Dennis so kindly offered to glue them back together, but after that many years I felt I deserved a new pair. At least he didn't offer to duct tape them. I ordered these from England, although they are Lotta of Stockholm clogs, go figure. I love 'em! I spent quite a bit of time working on my Cuckatoo Brae sweater. That project is a true test of patience and persistence. It's coming together, just not as fast as I thought it would. To alleviate the monotony of that sweater, I decided to knit a pair of slippers for Dennis. Eh, they sucked. So now I'm hell bent on redeeming myself. I found a different, more adjustable pattern, one that allows you to really customize the fit. I'll post progress when I have something to show.

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