Sunday, May 17, 2015


Den started the digging and frame construction for the chicken coop. After much searching and analyzing on style, and weather to insulate or not, we decided on this design, and yes, it will be toasty and insulated in the winter.Our dimensions will be 4 x 4 due to the size constraints of our yard. We decided on this location, a bit closer to the house, so that trudging through the snow might not be as bad as if we positioned it in the far back corner. I'll still have to shovel a path, but we do that anyway for the dogs. I'm pretty sure the overall expense of building the coop will exceed my budget, but I'm a 1000% sure the quality of the construction will be light years better than a ready made coop! ;) Dennis is making a pretty solid foundation using cement pavers, and he is also using some sort of wire "cloth" as a foundation barrier against critters that may try and dig their way into the coop. Although I'm not sure that there is enough precautionary measures that will keep the JR out. She might be our biggest challenge, not the raccoons! Try to avert your eyes from the raggedy shed in the background, I think that may be getting a little face lift in the near future! Here are some less than thrilling first pics:

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