Sunday, July 5, 2015

Another Side Shingled, and An Angry Jack Russell

Denny shingled another side of the coop and installed a tin roof over the run. While he was doing the hard stuff, I was "busy" making a little wreath for the coop door. Our neighbor, Chris, has gobs of grapevine growing willy-nilly, so I took advantage. 
Our big problem is Cha-cha. She has been a barking, whining, neurotic mess since the chicks went into the coop. The chicks have slept in their new, and very swanky digs, for two nights now. Cha-cha has been feverishly pacing the coop and sniffing under the coop door since they moved in. Ugh. It's getting old already, and she shows no sign of easing up. I can't help thinking of the old "land-shark" SNL skit when I see this picture. Candygram!

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