Monday, July 27, 2015

High on Creativity, Low on Studying

Summer is whizzing by and I'm still in school. After 4 years of Metro I am losing interest and starting to care less about studying. After all is said and done I'll probably never find a job anyway. So, with that in mind, I took the time yesterday to do some of the things I truly love to do. First on the agenda was this cake. I have made very conceivable lemon/blueberry combo out there. Yesterday was a lemon/blueberry cake with lemony cream cheese frosting....yes, it was deelish! The night before I finished knitting my striped cardigan. I'm not sure why, but this was not my favorite project. I'm glad I persisted and finished it though, because I think this will be a go-to sweater this winter. I blocked it in the morning and set it in the sun; it was dry in record time. Last night I sewed on the buttons. Bam! There you have's done. I cast-on my Versio sweater in the evening, I'm using Habu's cotton paper. The cotton paper is very similar in texture to linen. It's a little tricky to knit with, but not as tricky as the silk wrapped steel. Oy, I'll never forget that stuff... I added two new chickens to the group last week. I now have 2, tiny, no bigger than a pigeon or a Scooby Snack, Bantams. They are distinctly different in personality from my other three. The brown speckled Bantam with feathery feet is Ugg, for obvious reasons, and the beige colored Bantam is Queenie, again, for obvious reasons. They are a squawky pair, making the saddest cry when they are separated from each other.Queenie is definitely the bossy one, hence the name. My original 3 are doing a pretty good job of accepting them, and each day there is less and less division. The Bantams prefer to roost in the "rafters" of the coop. I think they like being up high and in tight spots. Pearl has decided that the rafters are a cozy spot and has been joining them at night. Pip and Dixie prefer the roosts. We had a hawk visitor the other night, so I've been keeping a watchful eye when the chickens are roaming in the yard, although Pip spotted the hawk looooong before I did. It was a frantic moment in the coop when the hawk swooped over my head. Shear terror and panic ensued with the chickens. Pip's attempt at hiding under the coop ramp was pretty funny. She did her best to cram her tubby self underneath it, but really only managed to hide her head. Had they been out of the coop, they would have been dinner for the hawk, especially the "Scooby Snack" Bantams. The last picture is of Pearl, Pip, and Dixie taking there evening stroll near the back door. Every night, around the same time, they parade up the flagstone path and peck at the flowers. After 30 minutes or so they trek on back to the coop to roost. The Bantams tuck themselves in really early, long before the sun starts to set, so they don't join the trio on their walk.
I have to throw in the last picture of ChaCha's paw. Her life has been turned upside down since the chickens came. Can you sense the neediness?

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