Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Wobbly Jalopy...

Our Gracie Jeanette has been struggling since Henry died, today,she could struggle no more. Of all our dogs, she was the one who was never any trouble..... Here are a few pictures of our Geege. She loved food, walks, "screaming" when we got home, sleeping under our bed on a pillow, being tucked in on her pillow with a blanket, snacks, and just being a dog.... The last picture was taken probably a year ago, on the Wabash. It's my favorite picture of her; our Geege.


  1. Who couldn't be happy on the Wabash? Gracie was one Lucky Dog!

    1. I want my ashes sprinkled on the Wabash form CB to Silver City.
      Dennis and I miss our pup, she was a good one....