Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Day of Painting

The renovation on Dennis's duplex is almost complete; the next phase is renting it. I was in charge of making a sign for the front yard, so here it is. It doesn't look like I'll be changing career paths. Since I was in painting mode, I decided to make myself a needlepoint, scissor case canvas. Again, I won't be changing career paths based on these efforts. I did have fun though. Needlepoint is so expensive, and not just the canvases, but the finishing work is outrageous. I should put my sewing skills to use and become a finisher, I could probably make a decent living! Yesterday, I took a scissor case to my local needlepoint store (it only took me 6+ years to complete it) for finishing. I told the lady it was a Christmas present, unfortunately, the deadline for submitting projects for Christmas completion ended on the 21st of August. Really? It's that busy of a business? I'm definitely in the wrong line of work. And the cost? I won't even mention that part.

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