Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I put a fork in this tonight, just in time to travel with Denny this weekend to Atlanta. He's off to the practice rounds of the Masters, he's more than excited. This quilt is a surprise gift to my Aunt, I hope she likes it.I still have two more gift quilts in the works, as well as one for myself that needs a binding. I'm digging this quilting business more than I thought I would, and my trusty Featherweight is a dream to sew with. In other news, Denny fired up the rusty turd he bought at the end of summer last year, oh, how I missed the sweet, sweet smell of rusty turd exhaust. Try to overlook the "Sanford & Son" porch we have going on, it's more than unsightly, and in definite need of a facelift. Ugh. But hey, why have a pretty deck when the only thing on it are a bunch of crappy motorcycles? And finally, my little bantam hen, who spent a month being broody, and another 2 weeks recovering from her bad case of the "broodies," finally laid an egg. A broody hen acts like they are possessed by the devil, I hope I don't encounter that ever again.

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