Thursday, March 4, 2010


The yarn is from another very talented lady from Albany named Karin.
The quilted table runner and teas towels were handmade by Mehna. The fabrics are BEAUTIFUL! Some of the fabrics have little birds on them (so me) and the tea towels and runner are trimmed in ric-rac!!! Everything should be trimmed in ric-rac, it's just cool!

The box and contents were especially loved by Cha cha! The beeswax candles made her wildly nutty. Maybe it's the cat-nip equivalent for dogs??

I'm not sure who loved the swap items more, me or Cha-cha?!?! Here are a few pictures of the Items that were sent to me from the oh-so talented and thoughtful Mehna! I will post some better pictures tomorrow. These were all I had time to take before work intruded on my fun!!
I have to also say that I've never received packages wrapped so beautifully! The wrappings were as incredible as the things inside!

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  1. No comments? How can this be??? Mehna is a friend and co-op co-member :) of mine and she shared what she received from you. You are an amazingly talented artist.

    I am so glad you like the yarn!

    I can't wait to see more sequels to the dog and candle story! What a hoot.