Sunday, February 13, 2011

All the Famous Artist of Omaha.....

It seems all I ever have time for is a  recap of the week, daily postings seem so time consuming, but anyway, here is brief recap....

Yesterday it seemed everyone I knew had an art opening, so we spent part of the evening zooming from event to event.  It was good to see all the famous (in my book) local Omaha artists and their work, which is always incredible....  Check out Ardith's & Mark's site.  Mike, Diane, Lief & TG don't have sites, but they are ohhh, soooo GOOD!

I also took some new pictures of some of my recent work.  I have a top secret reason why.......

Mark Chickenelli - very famous
Ardith Strostka -Very Famous

Me.  Not famous.

Me & Mary Jo, neither famous.
Old friends.


Diane Stoffel - famous

Mike Montag - very famous

Art by Ardith Strostka

Lief Yorston - famous

After the openings, we finished the evening off in Elkhorn with a last stop party at Trudy and Larry's....

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