Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Toile Messenger Bag.....

Out of need and with PLENTY of scrap fabric, I made this easy- squeezy messenger bag.  The fabric came from an old, Omaha decorator who has since past away.  I modified this pattern by: adding a gusset, making it slightly bigger, leaving out the applique and changing the strap a bit.  The fabrics I acquired are cooler than hell!!  They smell like yack, probably because they were in a basement for 50 odd years, but the patterns, weight, and quality of fabric were pretty impressive.  I wouldn't look too close at the workmanship, I slammed it together rather quickly.....  I also made another bag that isn't quite finished, but today I need to NOT dick around and actually do something that might conceivably make me some money.  What a concept.

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