Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Never Want to Leave

I'm back in Minnesota with my pal, Gina. It's such a long journey getting here, but so worth the time and effort it takes. Because the local grocery store is so outrageously expensive, we schlep our own food and do our own cooking. This year we went a wee bit crazy with the food, as you can tell. 

I was crushed to discover my dream cabin has been sold. The positive take-away is that it looks like it is going to be preserved, and will probably remain in its perfect spot. In another life it will be mine. 
This I'm certain of. *sniff*

The weather here is horrendous. It's cloudy, chilly, and the wind is literally howling. Thank god I always pack a few warm things! There is supposed to be great improvement weather wise over the next few days. Fingers crossed, as our canoe awaits!!

The farmer up the road has added to his herd of Scottish Highland cattle. He now has 2, sweet and sassy donkeys! They could not be any cuter! I'm rather thankful that I live in a city that allows chickens, but prohibits any other farm animals. I could easily have a menagerie!

On our wanders around the camp vicinity I found this skull. I think it is a dog, but what do I know? I guess it could be a badger. I found this in an area that I had never before explored. I didn't  linger after discovering the skull, as I heard a very sinister growl/hacking noise coming from the woods just beyond where I found the skull. It was definitely weird. Maybe tomorrow I'll investigate that noise a little more. Then again, some things are better left a mystery. 

I love this dreamy little cabin. It's  amazing to think that this little charmer has stood in this spot overlooking the lake since  the 1800s. It is a tough little house to survive the brutal Minnesota winters for so long. 

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