Monday, August 24, 2015

Canoeing on the Lake

Welp, the wind was not our friend today, but we didn't let it stop us. We took off around 10:30 to our favorite spot on the lake-the stream that connects Clitherall to Battle Lake. It took an hour and a half, to two hours to reach that area. Thanks to a sweet tailwind, returning to the camp took mere minutes. I'm sure, at times, we looked like a couple of bozos out there. A few times the wind gusted so strongly that it quickly pushed us way out, toward the middle of the lake. We spun in circles and feverishly paddled backwards a few times before we righted ourselves and were able to paddle to calmer waters. Geeks, both of us. 

After our canoeing madness we decided to go in to Battle Lake for a few things we forgot to haul up here. I forgot to bring a comb of all things. I hate to admit it, but I hadn't taken my hair down or combed it since Saturday. Hee! Needless to say, purchasing a comb was top priority. 

I love poking around Battle, things change from year to year in that town, so it's fun to explore all the new shops. Our favorite place was a funky antique store on the edge of town. I was in cupola heaven!!

I included a picture of 2 bees that I scooped up out of the water.  I spotted  3 or 4 bees drowning. I did my best to try and save all of them, but I could only reach these 2. I placed both of them on a boat dock, and both revived perfectly. My good deed of the day...

My little siesta in the sun....

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