Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Today's Adventure

God, this is the second attempt at this post. Apparently, blogger is in crash mode. 
Here is today's adventure in pictures and brief captions. 
I love this spot with its colorful buntings. 
We spotted this Canadian goose along the shoreline. Unfortunately, she's  almost to the end of her sweet life. It was such a sad sight. 

I love this sagging, old structure. The detail in the workmanship is still obvious, although it is rapidly succumbing to time and the elements. 

Destination knitting. Total geekery!

Only the shadow knows....
Restored, vintage, Chris Craft boat. The cutest thing on the lake today. 
That face. 

And that face!

And I can't forget to include that baby face!

Our unexpected, pup rescue mission, took us to Fergus Falls and back. I thought for a split second I was going home with a dog, but this pup is safe and sound in her own home tonight. 

Not exactly the charmer that the vintage Chris Craft is, but it's  charming in an old Town Resort sorta way....

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