Thursday, August 27, 2015

Last Day

Leaving Clitherall is never something I look forward to. I will miss the easy going pace of this sleepy spot. 
Our trip finale was Yoga on the Beach on lake Ottertail. It was fantastic, maybe the best yoga session I've ever been to. 

Tomorrow is the journey home, with a quick stop in Brookings to see Alex Wade. I'm excited to see him, and I think Carol is happy I'm going as well. 
Here are a few pictures of today's adventures. 

Fuzzy "hotdog on a stick."

Last visit to the stream. 

Twiggy little lake creature. 

I love this little sailboat. I'm so glad it is still on the lake. 

Yoga on the beach. 

Adios, favorite vacation spot. Maybe I'll be back....

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