Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just Enough Time To Slam a Few Pictures Up

Welp, I'm back in school. The up-side of that news is, I'm never setting foot in a classroom after this class. I've decided there is no point in trying to complete the paralegal degree when I have no desire to be a paralegal. Reading case law, and writing case briefs and legal memorandums sounded like it would be gobs of fun - said no one ever. I am 6 weeks into my new job and loving every minute of it. Why trade that for a stuffy law office? Speaking of gobs of fun, I gave my notice at my part-time job - adios, suck-ass retail! I hope those days are in my rear view mirror - forever! December 21st I will be FREE! Here are some pictures for your viewing enjoyment, or not.

 Struttin' her stuff. Werk it gurl!
The ladies enjoying some very unseasonably warm weather. 
Thanksgiving delights, even though Thanksgiving was postponed due to shitty weather. 
I have no idea why I put star sprinkles on this cake. I'll have to remember to do this when the 4th of July rolls around. 
Cheers crackers- the fucking bomb!
My 3rd pair of Fiddleheads!!i I never get sick of this pattern- no siree. 
The nose knows. 

At "the dump." Cha-cha makes everything better....

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