Thursday, December 24, 2015

Surprise Snow

Sooo, the dickhead forecasters could not have been more off the mark. What was predicted to be a dusting, to maybe 1", turned into 6-ish inches of snow. It might even more than that, but whatever, it's a lot of freaking snow. I only narrowly missed t-boning 4 cars at a busy intersection today, but thanks to my cat like reflexes, and fast thinking, I managed to steer my sliding car onto a side street. Ugh. I worked only a half day today, and made it home in one piece. I thought the chickens would be a bit curious about the white stuff and eager to kick and scratch at it, but nope, they were not interested, nor were they amused. In fact, they were skittish and squwaky with every bit of snow that fell off the tree branches from above the coop. I guess big stuff falling from the sky reminds them of a hawk. Merry Christmas!

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