Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy New Year and a Few Other Tid-Bits

Welp, the new year started out as it has for the last few years-uneventful. We both like it that way-I guess we're officially fuddy-duddies. 
Dennis has been busy working on the dump. He enlarged a doorway between the kitchen and an adjoining room. It was originally a bedroom, but it seemed very awkward sitting right off the kitchen. We think it would make a fantastic sitting room. Today he finished installing a fantastic marble floor in the bathroom-it's beyond pretty. I'll include some before/after pictures of that. 

The chickens are producing eggs like mad. Even Uggi, who was traumatized after the hawk killed Queenie, has begun laying again. I may not have mentioned that my beloved Queenie was killed. It was a pretty sad and unpleasant event here. The girls can't roam free anymore unless I'm out with them. I can't go through that trauma again. The weather here has been brutally cold (-25 with the wind chill last night), so I've had to be extra vigilant to protect them. I've been applying Vaseline to their combs and waddles a couple times a day, and I installed 2-75 watt shop lights that give off just enough warmth to help them stay warm. I've resisted the urge to add a heat lamp, as they are insanely dangerous. They've proved to be a hardy bunch of hens!

I must mention my most exciting news. Denny gave me a Singer Featherweight for Christmas. To say I'm over the moon is an understatement. I've already busted out a couple of quilts since Christmas. I've been having the absolute best time with that machine. It sews beautifully-better than my Bernina! I'm waiting for 3 Sewaholic patterns to arrive. My next project is to make a Liberty of London shirt. You can be sure I'll be posting that project! 

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